Photo Essay: Artist in Residence

November 19 2013, No Comments

Story and Photos by Keri Gabriele, Photo Editor

Texas-born artist Amado Peña formed intricate designs with his paintbrush while describing his journey in art at the Sept. 26 Artist in Residence event at the Rio Grande Gallery.

Peña, whose work is characterized by bold color, said he starts most work in pen and ink, then colors like a coloring book with acrylic inks and soft- bodied acrylic paints.

A lifelong artist and educator, Peña said he would get frustrated when he heard students say they weren’t creative. His response: “Well, who dressed you this morning? You did, right? You created that outfit. You are creative.”



ENGAGING— Peña chats with the audience and answers questions during the open forum. This was Peña’s third visit to ACC as an Artist in Residence.



FOUNDATION — Pen and Ink form the basis of Peña’s drawings. He uses faces in profile, mesas and buffalo as reminders of his Yaqui, Native- American heritage.



OPEN DISCUSSION — Peña describes his art while demonstrating his technique. He received his master’s degree in art and education from Texas A&M University – Kingsville.



PROCLAIM — The event poster displays an example of Peña’s work. Peña started his professional career as a high school art teacher and liked it so much that he decided to get a master’s degree in art and education.

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