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Buzz Mill Review

 Story by Raquel Moreno, Online Editor  Photos by Accent Anthony Devera  Students that are looking for a cool new place to study, drink, and attend free events, Buzz Mill is the place to go. Located on East Riverside and open 24/7, Buzzmill has a unique atmosphere with its cozy cabin-style interior, where you can either…

Student Voice- Community College

Joseph Lee, Photographer  How has community college changed your life?    

Program has Austinites running for Shelters

Story and photo by Kyle August, Reporter Austin is home to runners and dog lovers alike. Combine the two and you get RuffTail Runners— a program that inspires Austinites to take shelter dogs out of their kennels and onto the trails for exercise and exposure. “There were a lot more benefits than we realized,” Rob…

Spring 2015 Cover Art Winner

On the cover: ACC student Devon Foster is the winner of Accent’s Spring 2015 Cover Art Contest. The painting titled “Illusion” is acrylic on canvas. The dimensions of the original are 22 inches by 28 inches.

Spring 2015 Photo Story Winner: Inking Austin One Body at a Time

Photo Contest : Inking Austin One Body at a Time {First Place Winner} Photo Story Krystal Anzaldua   Featured Photo Above: Closing Tine — Tattoo artist Garrett Potts locks up his shop after a long day. Mom’s Tattoos is open 7 days a week, and is located at 1703 South Lamar.

ACC Board Clears Smoke On E-cigarette Policy

Kyle August, Reporter  Last fall, debate surrounded the topic of electronic cigarettes and whether or not vaping was subject to the same regulations as cigarettes and other tobacco products. Last year on Nov. 17, the ACC board of trustees voted to expand the college’s smoke-free policy to prohibit nicotine vapor products. This ban, which also…

Alternate Route to Success

Jessica Youssefi, Reporter  Students attend college for different reasons, but the desire for success is a common trait. Whether they are using community college as a way to familiarize themselves with the nuances of college life, or as a way to re-acclimate to an academic lifestyle, community colleges around the country offer opportunities and hope…

Australia VS ACC

ACC women and mens intramural basketball team played against Australia, on December 10th 2014. The women’s team lost their match 45-40. The mens team came up on top to win their game 62-32.

Community College Bond Under Vote in November

January 21 2015, By , No Comments

Story by Dillon Fleharty Voters will decide in November whether Austin Community College will receive roughly $386 million to build new facilities and renovate existing ones. The Bond package is divided into two propositions: one is focused on the planning and construction of future growth, while the second is focused on funding existing growth, health…

The Road of Exploration In Texas

Story and Photo by Kimber Lee Falkinburg,Contributor  Waste deep in a cool-water pool, I waded the waters of Chinati Hot Springs nestled among the Chihuahuan Mountains just inside the Texas border. Chinati proved to be the surprise highlight of my 1,300 mile Texas adventure that began in Austin. The springs are near to Marfa, a…